Kyle Dion Wants You to Stay the Night with Year-End Babymaker 

 Evan Dale // Dec 16, 2019 

Kyle Dion - Stay the Night.jpg

Kyle Dion has come out of 2019 a leader for the sensually driven Neo-Soul scene. His sophomore album, SUGA has done nothing if not display his affinity for instrumentally founded soul music highlighted by funk and R&B nuance. And as an exclamation point to 2019 at large, he’s released yet another sultry, funky exhibition of unique vocals and emotive dominance. 


Stay the Night doesn’t leave much to the imagination with its name or its artwork. Yet, it still succeeds in capturing all of our imaginations as another inventive, bold soul anthem that – per Kyle Dion’s timeless signature – could have been released anytime throughout Soul music’s half-century of work. Wavy basslines, punchy guitars, piercing vocals, and vibrant lyricism make Stay the Night simply another single drawing further comparisons between Kyle Dion and the late, legendary Prince.