The Unparalleled Kyle Dion Drops Groovy, Sultry Two-Pack 

 Evan Dale // Aug 11, 2020 

From the funk-laden crystal of an LA falsetto comes a new A-Side / B-Side delivery by way of Kyle Dion. The transcendent funk-soul-R&B phenom has one of those registers that simply can’t – and won’t – be replicated. And what he chooses to do with that gift is always the right choice.


Just listen to That Don’t Mean A Thing where throughout the course of the track, his knack for meandering wildly with higher and higher pitches puts him into omnipotent vocal company adjacent only to a few if any modern names, and where at the 2-minute mark, one exceptional explosion puts exactly what it is that we’re talking about into focus. With its accompanying single, Stressed Out, he removes himself from the modern Michael Jackson esque pop sphere of That Don’t Mean A Thing and embarks down a more lyrically volatile tear of sexual frustration and evocative energy.


As an A-Side / B-Side should, the two tracks frame with wide range some of the expanse present in Dion’s myriad directionalism – the melodically poppy with the vocally dominant verses the lyrically poetic and the thematically relatable. And per usual with Kyle Dion, the two tracks succeed most in leaving us begging for more.