Chicago’s LA VanGogh Drops Rangy Romantic Jam, LLC 

 Evan Dale // Jan 22, 2020 

Chicago-based L.A. VanGogh is the definition of the kind of transcendent talent coming to delineate the modern era of hip-hop and R&B. A grey area of sorts has always existed between the two scenes, but now, with so many multi-talented artists populating each space, musicians like L.A. VanGogh who can sing and rap; who can provide melody, flow, and aid in the foundation for all of it; are changing what’s expected in an era existing beyond the boundary of genre.


Today’s artists pave their own path. They are their own business.


Case and point: LLC.


L.A. VanGogh’s latest single is a multi-part composition, equal parts R&B melody and hip-hop delivery. It’s a romantic, sexual ballad that owes its titling to wanting to get home after a long day’s work and give that special someone the business. But, comedy aside, it’s simply the latest of L.A. VanGogh’s releases that prove he’s an underrated talent constantly exploring and expanding his range with a one-of-a-kind, silky aesthetic.