Sometimes, an artist has a namesake so apropos to their texture, you can’t help but admire the raw artistry it took to simply derive a moniker. Such is the case of Leo Pastel (L E O) whose velvety, welcoming sound leaves us dreaming up springtime color palettes and time spent sipping rooftop wine spritzers with loved ones. His newest track, doubling his SoundCloud canon to two whole soloist endeavors, feels like the established work of an innovative veteran whose sound bleeds across the lines of R&B, mellow pop, neo-soul, and hip-hop.


The credit is not his alone. Aided in equaling contrast and harmony by the silky high tones of fellow Cincinnati vocalist, Muwosi, the two transcend the expectation for a dualist approach to the modern-day love song.


Perhaps the best thing about Woah is the effortlessness the two exude in their approach and in their chemistry – a chemistry which has no doubt been partially unearthed by the floaty, love-evoking production of yet another Ohio artist, luna. 


We’re going to be honest and say that this was the first we’ve heard of any the three artists involved in this collaborative effort, but we’re also here to say that the bar has been set and it sounds like a stream of silky smooth vocals and emotionally-upturning tracks might be flooding the airwaves by way of the Ohio River Valley in the times to comes.

If you liked Woah, give these jams a listen: