Cincinnati's Leo Pastel Changes Lanes with No Hesitation

 Evan Dale // April 15, 2019 

Leo Pastel - Hesitation.png

Cincinatti’s Leo Pastel is going the way of a broader color spectrum with new single, Hesitation. Though holding true to a signature quality of vocals in the track’s chorus, he does so while exploring a new direction: rapping. But it also brings to mind something about his not so distant past. 2018’s breakout single, Woah is a love-inspired harmony between he and Muwosi. And though the springtime anthem certainly takes a heavy vocal route, it also introduced a cadence and delivery from Pastel that comes full circle with Hesitation. Carefully treading the line between pure vocals and rap, Pastel is able to seamlessly make a transition into a wider stylistic range without sacrificing his sound. And truthfully, he kills it.


Hesitation carries with it a meditative flow, a bouncy beat, quality penmanship, and a lot of energy, merging with his vocal route to shine an indefinable new song underneath a transcendental light. And in a modern era where transcendental artists are more and more comfortable calling home to the grey areas between classic genre, it’s a great sign of things to come from Leo Pastel.