Levelle London Threatens to Steal Your Slampiece with Unofficial

 Evan Dale // Sep 17, 2019 


In his first single of the year, hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall architect, Levelle London explores late-night takes on all his stylistic lanes. Unofficial rides a floaty key and dancehall beat that sets the stage for the young artist to seemingly collaborate with himself. Seamlessly flowing between low-register lyricism and hip-hop delivery, higher-toned R&B additions, and explosive reggae-influenced bouts, the young UK artist shines in range and emotionality. 


The result is a track that’s equal parts longing romantic ballad and afterhours club burner, setting many a situational application for its play to unofficially soundtrack our moments of weakness. So make it official folks, before Levelle London makes sure that it’s not.