Leven Kali Continues Bringing Sensual R&B to the Pop World with 12345 

 Evan Dale // Mar 9, 2020 

Gentle chimes and emotional moans open 12345 (Get Real) par for the course to Leven Kali’s signature, where sunshiny vibes and sexual healing always find common ground. His first release of 2020, second since 2019 Homegirl, and third since debut album release, Low Tide, Leven Kali has utilized the sparse singles to expand and round out the range of his sound. Where Low Tidewas a collection and exhibition of his first steps, 12345 (Get Real) is an ethereal keystroke, funky bass, pop-heavy R&B track that builds a proper pedestal for Leven Kali to put on display his undeniably smooth and sultry delivery. 


And with a chorus so spoon-fed and addicting that it begs its listeners to count to 5, the track is primed for the kind of wide-ranging stylistic audience that Leven Kali has always been able to draw to his unique texture.