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Leven Kali & Ty Dolla $ign Join Forces for Summertime Ballad 'Perfect Is Boring'

 Evan Dale // April 27, 2020 

leven kali - Pefrct is Boring.jpg

Both Leven Kali and Ty Dolla $ign hone a certain sensual sunset aesthetic that is impossible to teach, and even less likely to stumble upon in a world of R&B-oriented artists lacking an indefinable mellowness that at the same time doesn’t lose a step in passionate romance. And now, they’re together on PERFECT IS BORING. The single is the third from Kali in a string of collaborative tracks stretching back to last year that also include Smino and Topaz Jones on Homegirl and last month’s 12345 (Get Real). And just like those two, PERFECT IS BORING is another song that shines a light on the continued and constant growth not only making Leven Kali an even more promising generational leader of warm-weather, good vibes soul anthems, but an established name in the world of jealousy-inducing collaborations.


For this one, grab a brew (if you want one), grab a boo (if you’ve got one), and make some mistakes because PERFECT IS BORING.


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