Hop in a Time Machine for Louam & Devin Morrison’s New Like 90's R&B

 Evan Dale // Nov 1, 2019 

Louam - Like 90's R&B.jpg

Don your favorite pair of dungarees and a Kangol cap, hop into an emotionally evoking time-machine, and be transported into the Gold-School to the tune of Louam and Devin Morrison’s Like 90’s R&B. The two – a Swedish soulstress and an Orlando-born, era-defying songwriter – both have explosively up-and-coming solo careers rooted in their respective modern rebirths of an R&B golden era come, gone, and thanks to artists like them, come again. Everything – their vocal deliveries, their hi-fi, synthesizer-founded production, their subject matter, and their curated layering – is reminiscent of artists from Aaliyah and SWV to Jodeci and Dru Hill. 


The world needs that.


Amongst a modern R&B moment as redefining and important as anything since the shining enigma that was the 90’s, it’s comforting and even more expansive to see artists paying homage to their roots with such fervor, while still adhering to modern production techniques that make it something different altogether.


Like 90’s R&B isn’t only a title that’s straight to the point. It’s also an example of a timeless R&B track equal parts old-school and new. And a dive into either artist’s canon unearths more of the same. So, whenever in need of a look into how we got here; if ever in need of a look into where we’re going, turn on Louam, turn on Devin Morrison, and find yourself inundated with something Like 90’s R&B.