Toronto’s Lou Val Explores the Reaches of R&B with ME2U / Soul-catcher

 Evan Dale // Sep 25, 2019 

Lou Val - ME2U.jpg

Silky R&B songwriter, Lou Val is an enigmatic figure of mystery and emotion whose artistic deliveries, though few and far between, not only hold their pace on the pulse of experimental soul but help guide its greater direction. With his first appearance of 2019, he’s dropped an intriguing, juxtaposing duo of tracks that come together as an A-Side / B-Side cut telling of his stylistic range. One is Soul-catcher, a deceptively simple ballad downplayed enough in production to put his effervescent vocals on display. It’s a neo-soul bout of emotional distress and auditory aesthetics as rich and vibrant as they come. The other is ME2U, a high-fidelity display of Lou Val’s knack at putting together a more produced, anthemic R&B hit. It’s reminiscent of his home town, Toronto’s absurdly influential role in modern R&B and more widely digestible to a pop audience.

With the pair of releases, Lou Val puts his range into perspective and invites a broad ear to what is hopefully soon to be more music.