We first fell in love with the soft textures of Parisian multi-dimensional classicist, Lossapardo, when we heard the emotional subtleties of his musical approach on fellow Frenchman Crayon’s After The Tone – a keynote track to the Post Blue project. For Lossapardo’s part, his ghostly, ethereal voice draws a sense of uneasiness and inner monologue from the listener while instilling nothing but bold emotion and curiosity. And in no form does he lose his signature approach on Sleep (3 A.m.), a track from earlier this summer, but one well worth discussing to date.


When Lossapardo says he paints, he means it both literally and figuratively, auditorily and visually, musically and artistically. He is both a fan of earth tone acrylic painting and the smooth, impressionistic spreading of his earthy albeit atypical sonic texture. And through it all, both ends of his creative spectrum seem to communicate with one another in an audiovisual sense of inquiry, culminating in his relatably human art.


Sleep is a slowly-paced, emotionally-bleeding anthem of the heartbrokenly exhausted. From the stirring guitar features, to the high-low duality of his harmonizing vocals, to the powerful explosions of layer after layer of combinatorial texture, it’s truly impossible to believe it was recorded all on an iPhone.


But such are the times in which we live when an artist as talented and textural as Lossapardo can communicate by either medium of his choosing with the stroke of a brush, the strain of a vocal cord, and the press of a button. 


Sorry for the delay on the writeup, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais....