Indie-Mellow Lunacre Bring Emotional Sunshine to Love Being Lost 

 Evan Dale // Jul 29, 2018 

UK Indie folk mellowists, Lunacre are a soothing quartet of talent and subtlety. A style that seems to consistently be waning from the modern scene grants their music something of a nostalgic touch towards the sounds of the mid-2000’s indie-push, where beachy tones find harmony with a mix of analogue and digital instrumentation. Sonically existing somewhere between a more high-fidelity take on Right Away, Great Captain or early Modest Mouse and a modern spin on off-kilter 60’s rock, they’re pretty much impossible to nail down by established standards. Which is why we use indie to do so.


Love Being Lost is their latest undertaking and comes to us as the perfect summertime acoustic jam. Enough choral emotion to mix well with some late-night wine, and enough auditory sunshine to keep the emotion, maybe even the wine, at bay, it’s simply put one of the most listenable and warm tracks we’ve come across in this season, grounded and naturalized by relatable, somber songwriting. 


Though calm, cool, and collected is probably the most apt of clichés to apply to Lunacre’s emotionally-relatable, undertone approach, we’re better off just telling you to listen, knowing whole-heartedly you’ll enjoy regardless of your tastes. 


Be on the lookout for more from Lunacre who are primed to release a full EP, Pearl Tabloid, later this year.