London's New-Indie Lunacre Release Long-Awaited EP, Pearl Tabloid

 Evan Dale // Mar 17, 2019 

London indie trio, Lunacre have finally arrived with their third career EP, Pearl Tabloid – their first since 2016’s ambient-driven Schtum. Unlike Schtum and its titular track which has come to be their most widely-listened delivery to date, Pearl Tabloid is an exploration of mellow indie music, calming vocals, and unendingly interesting instrumentation merging with experimental electronic techniques. The result? A new age take on the Shins or Right Ahead, Great Captain that introduces the alternative indie scene to the now emergent explosion of mellow pop. The entire collection was seemingly built piece by piece, coming together as a hand-in-hand EP comprised near-entirely by pre-released singles. Though surprises only come in the form of April Fool & Shake Down / Tall Tales, the project’s overarching composition finally takes full form, and it’s a refreshing, comforting EP from a band the likes of which this world could use a lot more of.