It's a Perfect Day to be Grateful for new Music from Mahalia

 Evan Dale // April 26, 2019 

Mahalia - Grateful.png

UK songstress and inventive artist of all things genre-bending neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop, Mahalia has been enjoying the glow-up of her spectacular 2018, and explosively popular release of sole 2019 single, Do Not Disturb. But finally, she’s here with another track. Grateful feels more like the classic aesthetic we’ve come to expect. Mahalia divulges in a slower, emotion-evoking vocal exhibition that continues to prove that she’s one of the more unique voices and relatable writers in music at the moment. A humble and beautiful tale of accepting love for what it is without a label, Grateful is hard for anyone not to find a little comfort in, and the way with which she embarks down the path makes it feel all the more real. 


Paired with the energy and self-reliance of Do Not Disturb and its plethora of remixes, Grateful places Mahalia in a position to put together a thematically, emotionally, and musically wide-ranging effort when her first album as a global star eventually comes out.