Mahalia Uses Superior Emotional Abilities for 'Isolation Tapes' 

 Evan Dale // May 2, 2020 

From the emerging queen of UK Neo-Soul comes a much needed EP, Isolation Tapes, which boasts an aesthetic so reminiscent of humanity’s current shared sorrow, yet which will continue to shine as another blissful example of Mahalia’s one-of-a-kind reinvention of soul music for a generation without labels long after the sorrow has come to its timely end. The three-track EP is simple in its texture and its thematic exploration. And undoubtedly, that simplicity is a reflection of minimalist nature that isolation has imparted on all of our lives. But Mahalia has always excelled in the simple, emotional moments. 


Born of a piano, expanded on through some top-notch production, and thriving in Mahalia’s pristinely unique vocals, all three tracks on Isolation Tapes are humorously poignant. BRB is the standout ballad, clawing for the company of a lover when such an action is simply barred. Plastic Plants is a comical line drawn parallel between the company of fake foliage and the lack of support from a fake relationship – par for the course for Mahalia’s collection of girl-power break-up anthems. Too Nice closes out the track as the poppiest of the bunch, folding a happy-go-lucky-cadence Mahalia has made signature into a predictable, but still danceable track even to Mahalia’s most staunch soul fans.