British soul-singing soon-to-be queen, Mahalia is a force the likes of which music is rarely blessed with. Though she has been on the scene for a couple years, last year’s release of the blowup single, Sober has placed her in a position ready to take a crown left undonned since Amy Winehouse.


A voice powerful enough to grab the attention of the entire music scene, a relatability reminiscent of harmless childhood crushes, and an approach so unique and versatile that any fan of music is instantly made a fan of Mahalia, are just part of what makes her so special. Add her impressive instrumentalism and pure songwriting capability to the list and you’ve still only just scratched the surface.


She recently released a new single, the uplifting and heartwarming Proud of Me featuring a fellow young, talented Brit - 23-year-old rapper and songwriter Lil Simz, and the song is another step in the right direction for both artists. 

Please don't be blind enough to sleep on this talent