A little more than a month after the release of vibrant, heartwarming single, Proud of Me, UK singer and songwriter, Mahalia, has released the official video. As expected from such a powerful and positive artist, the video checks all emotional and artistic boxes, adding even more credibility to the argument in favor of her imminent rise while brightening the day and putting a smile on the face of all who watch it.


It’s no small task for an artist to deliver such genuine emotion while remaining ultimately relatable, but not only does Mahalia succeed in doing so, she also takes time out of the middle of the video to openly discusses it as a goal of hers.


“I wanted the song to feel universal because though the song is personal, it’s about me and my journey – me picking up my acoustic guitar at 13 and working out the business – I wanted people to be able to sing that chorus and feel like it was anthemic, and feel they could say ‘brothers and sisters, I want to make you proud.’”


Mahalia’s raw talent is rare enough to find in any artist but coupled with this humbleness and willingness to create and connect for the betterment of others through her own life is unprecedented and inspiring.


Through all of this, it should not be forgotten that one of the many highlights of the track, UK hip-hop artist, Little Simz, is also one of the many highlights of the video. Her uplifting, confidence-boosting verse is delivered from the studio while Mahalia, just as all of us watching at home, can’t help but groove to the masterful cadence and unparalleled lyricism.


Long story short, the video, just as the song, is a work of art that will only help to define the young, exciting career of both young, British superstars in the making.