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Mahalia & Ella Mai Release Acoustic Cut to What You Did

 Evan Dale // Nov 27, 2019 

Mahalia - What You Did Acoustic.jpg

Though seemingly every track from her debut album, LOVE & COMPROMISE has become a hit on some scale, her up-tempo Ella Mai ballad collaboration, What You Did has become the most well-rounded addition to a canon that already covers so many bases. And now, the two have broadened the reach of the track even further. What You Did’s acoustic cut takes the emotional route of the original track and puts it on a pedestal. Highlighted by the vocals of two soulstresses that are unmatched as leaders of a young UK-centered Neo-Soul generation, the acoustic version’s soft piano foundation allows for both Mahalia and Ella Mai to shine in their songwriting and vocal ability, while allowing for the original emotionality of the track to find new meaning. 


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