Majid Jordan & Khalid Join Forces for Downtempo, Emotive Caught Up

 Evan Dale // July 27, 2019 

Majid Jordan - Caught Up.png

Today in powerhouse collaborations comes eternally mysterious OVO duo, Majid Jordan coupling up with radio superstar Khalid. An intense dichotomy in their natures and limelight standings does nothing to deter their undeniable creative chemistry. In fact, Khalid sounds like their newest member. Caught Up is a downtempo, floaty production courtesy of the 80’s-nuanced affinity from Majid Jordan. It’s a musical foundation that has always served their vocalisms well, but also stands as an unexpectedly seamless leap for Khalid whose subdued vocal range and emotively low register highlight the track’s middle half. 


Fit for a rainy day or a moment of late-night internal contemplation, Caught Up is an easy single to get lost in. It’s a much-needed and still-experimental delivery from Majid Jordan’s vast canon, and a vibrant, intriguing risk gone right for Khalid.