Malik Elijah Pains to be Heard as 'Human' with Lyrically Superhuman Single 

 Evan Dale // Sep 17, 2020 

Who better to spit some truth and powerfully address the nonsensical leanings of institutionalized racism than lyrically endowed Maryland rapper, Malik Elijah? And at which more pivotal moment? With a stark change of direction juxtaposing Springtime galactic anthem with Italian producer, Ciro Mont, Space Glow, his newest release is a timeless bout of rap, meaning, and their forever intertwined positioning under a black flag. From the jump, Human begs for listeners to hear Malik Elijah as exactly that. And akin to Space Glow, albeit with a vibrantly differing tone and foundation, Human is made strongest per its lyrical pillar.


Malik Elijah is a poet, bringing the meaning of rhythm and poetry to the roundest of full circles. Human is an emotional, thought-provoking, and powerful image of pen and tongue, bleeding of the pain from the realities of where it’s sourced – in Malik’s own experience – in black skin. And from that space, Malik Elijah speaks with passion, prose, and power, embodying the deepest and most foundational force of hip-hop music.