Malik Elijah & Ciro Mont Pull Together Uplifting Jazz-Hop Anthem, 'Space Glow' 

 Evan Dale // April 7, 2020 

Maryland’s Malik Elijah is a transcendent rapper and vocalist whose deliveries float effortlessly from one skillset to another. Ciro Mont is an Italian producer who makes what he describes humbly and truthfully as ‘jazzy beats.’ Together, they’ve released Space Glow: a fittingly fun and intoxicating anthem that allows both artists to flex their solo and collaborative worth. Its texture is a timeless one, harnessing the jazz-forward, funky texture that could never go out of style, and merging it with grassroots lyrical rap with bursts of soulful vocals. It is as understated in its enduring aesthetic as it is inventive in every direction from both artists and its psychedelic album artwork.


If there were ever a blueprint to follow from two artists to know, it would be Space Glow. But tread carefully; the ability to make something so seemingly simple is often the most complex and detailed.