Marlounsly Shines with Summery Soul-Pop Anthem, 'Lie Again' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 18, 2020 

Hitting international airwaves across the globe, raised in South Florida, by way of Haiti, Marlounsly’s reach is rooted with reason. The young soulstress has an auditory aesthetic that seamlessly stitches the timeless tenets of soul to more pop-approachable sensitivities. And each corner of that range lands with newest offering, Lie Again.


Overtop a riff that feels plucked from drives down the coast, Marlounsly shines with a contagious barrage of high range, quick cadence, and upbeat energy, weaving together into a spectacularly lighthearted bout of troubles with a lying relationship. Sidestepping the darkness of what could have been dark subject matter, Marlounsly earns her radio certified stripes with Lie Again, a single – on the heels of many more in 2020 – that creatively explores a marriage between beachy instrumentation, soulful vocals, and pop positivity. The result is an addicting, warm-weather exhibition of Neo-Soul à la offerings of modern legends of the same cloth, spanning sonic influence from Corinne Bailey Rae and Ariana Grande to Raveena and Mahalia.