Marvin Dolo’s Juicy is an Exclamation Point on a Prolific 2019 

 Evan Dale // Dec 9, 2019 

Marvin Dolo - Juicy.png

Prolific R&B force, Marvin Dolo is an artist whose immense release catalogue is the only consistent trait to be expected. His 2018 alone was defined by a collaborative project with Nineteen94, 94’ hand in hand with a standout upbeat EP, Crctr Dfcts. In 2019, Dolo has released two more projects: his most sensually R&B adjacent project to date, One of Two Ways; and an island-inspired EP of sex anthems, Sweet Nothings


And though just a single, his latest release, Juicy feels like a further continuation of the latter. Amidst a similar sort of self-production built on light keystrokes and a simple yet hard-hitting bassline, Juicy makes room for Dolo to flex his vocals, his songwriting, and his off-kilter hip-hop delivery, wrapping up his 2019 growth with one final bow, and granting listeners one more wide-ranging banger from one of music’s most underrated transcendentalists.