Marvin Dolo's Sweet Nothings is a Summertime Lust Album

 Evan Dale // July 18, 2019 

Marvin Dolo - Sweet Nothings.png

Marvin Dolo is the kind of prolific powerhouse rare anywhere in the world of art and music. His magic doesn’t exist in the fact that he puts out single after single, project after project but rather that every time he does, it’s something entirely new, unexpected, and groundbreaking. Where last year’s Nineteen94 collaboration 94’ was a fervent modern hip-hop project, Crctr Dfcts was an exploration of Dolo’s ability to merge that hip-hop direction with a melodic and hypnotic vocal trance. And where his Spring 2019 album, One of Two Ways was an experimental, high-fidelity future R&B collection, his latest, Sweet Nothings is a darker, more downtempo, Caribbean-influenced R&B album à la stylings of PartyNextDoor. And like all the releases to come before it, Sweet Nothings is primed to be an underrated masterpiece. 


Eight tracks in length and never failing to inspire images of a beach escape with a special someone, Sweet Nothings is a summer lust album we needed and just another chapter in the ever-evolving creative spectrum of one of music’s most underrated and influential figures, Marvin Dolo.