Masego is Rightfuly Cocky with Hip-Hop Heavy Single, King’s Rant 

 Evan Dale // Mar 15, 2020 

The impossibly talented multi-creative that is Masego is due for an unprecedentedly powerful year. Still riding the wave of being part of anything and everything in music since the release of 2018 album, Lady Lady that included international hit, Tadow, his non-feature releases are stacking up towards what the world hopes is a soon-coming album. His first of 2020 is King’s Rant and par for the course, is an unexpected, unpredictable composition exhibiting a wide swath of his talent. 


Rap driven and comfortable in its braggadocio, King’s Rant finds Masego exactly where one would expect to find him: being rightfully cocky through a musical medium as inventive yet understated as they come.