Masego Channels Guzheng Strings, Stamping Listener's 'Passport' to Calm 

 Evan Dale // Sep 16, 2020 

Sourced from somewhere further East, Masego’s newest single, Passport, aims to transcend the confinements of the quarantine era. His latest in a string of singles that are heading towards the release of a larger project, is yet again another complete stylistic dodge of what came before it. The calm, cool, and collected nature of Passport’s aesthetic – one that taps the Chinese guzheng for its zen, fluttery string arrangement – in turn drives the cadence play of Masego’s unmistakable delivery for a one-of-a-kind jam from a one-of-a-kind artist.


Passport plays on a lot of its listeners’ desire for mental and physical escape from both the monotony and uncomfortability of humanity’s current situation, while also setting the stage for Masego to explore even wider artistic range than he has in the past, blending utter cultural U-turns into his soulful, jazz driven brand of pure Masego Neo-B. In result, his forthcoming project – TrapHouseJazz: his first since he absolutely exploded onto the scene as one of the most unique artists of our time – is bound for more stylistic boundlessness than we can imagine.