Charlotte's Mavi does more with 1-minute Sense than most Rappers can

 Evan Dale // Oct 12, 2019 

Mavi - Sense.jpg

There is something particularly reminiscent of the old-school is the texture of Charlotte lyricist, Mavi’s hip-hop soundscape. Like a modern, Southern edition of RZA, his simple, sample-ridden beats, his low-register, and his provocative penmanship round out Mavi is one of the more timeless rappers around. 


What kind of songs you make? I make the kind you’ve got to read, baby. 


If any line in his newest single, Sense introduces his music best, it’s this one. And that’s saying a lot because even though Sensecomes in at just over a minute in length, its entirety is riddled with poeticsm and though-provoking looks into Mav’s artistry. 


Sometimes a taste is all you need to know that you’re addicted, and with Mavi, Sense is the ultimate introduction to an artist with an obvious skillset equal parts effort and natural ability.