Multitiered New Zealand artist, Maxwell Young is here with the release of his third career project, the second exhibiting his lyricism and vocal ability, and the first truly rounded out as an orderly and full-length indie album. Daydreamer is a firm buildup upon the releases of three recent singles, Midnight, Bianca, and Evergreen which saw his subtle, low-fidelity production – something somewhat straying from his prior endeavors – brought into a different shade of international limelight. 


Directed by a wholesome, oftentimes poignant acoustic sound, Young delivers an additional six tracks to the three, transporting it to a space defined by love ballad, subtlety, and warm emotion. Yet, in all that ties the album together, a present albeit stable series of changes in productive tone lead it to another space, this one constructed of modern experimentation, unpredictability, and vocal risk taking. 


The result is an album indefinable in its traditional sound but firmly rooted in its artist’s consistencies – thoughtful penmanship, sonic innovation, and stylistic blending to a point of pure individuality. It doesn’t quite feel like the standard indie album, instead thrown curveballs of intriguing electronic experimentation and vocal edits. But, it also differs drastically from the electronic production that first granted him global recognition, finding comfort and really, his true sound through voice and strong lyricism. 


At a point in time when the worlds of music are converging in the studio bedrooms of talented youth, Maxwell Young, drawing from acoustic indie artists and blending his lyrically relatable explorations with the experimental push of modern hip-hop and electronica, has given the world an introspective look not only at a young creative, but also at his unique taste on music and art which finds eclectic harmony in its aggregate.