Mellow pop Kiwi of all things wholesome and heartfelt, present and powerful, Maxwell Young is here with a float chord-encompassed anthem of love and wanting, Evergreen. Akin to his prior undertakings, Young seems to be a talented proponent of emotionally-capable music. The secret lies somewhere in the balance between his off-center vocal approach, innocent albeit relatable lyricism, and the warm, welcoming guitar reminiscent of a collecting with loved ones around a beach bonfire. But even taking into consideration his existing canon, Evergreen feels of something more so. From start to end, it’s nearly impossible for a subtle smile and some very real tears not to flood the emotional range of anyone listening.


In comparison, his previous release, Bianca has a more up-tempo and high-energy approach in combination with a more wide-ranging vocal exhibition. But the big difference – the drum pattern and noticeable post-production – neither of which are prevalent in Evergreen.


It’s interesting how the process of stripping away elements from a track can in effect bring so much more to the table. In such a direction, it’s understandably easy to get lost, but nothing but success is found in the finalization of Young’s Evergreen, a starkly unique and firmly creative bit of musical simplicity, described most aptly by Young himself: ‘about a boy moonstruck by her glow.’


The single is the last before his forthcoming album, daydreamer, due to be released July 18.