McClenney's Get Back is a Groovy Display in Ode to 80's Pop Music

 Evan Dale // Aug 17, 2019 

McClenney - Get Back.png

Neo-soul songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, McClenney is the image of modern coalescence between soul, funk, and R&B’s storied pasts. His music is signature to its silk and unendingly varied in its instrumentally-driven stylistic direction. With an EP, I’m Not Here gracing our soundscape earlier in the year, his international notoriety has begun to take shape as one of neo-soul’s more uniquely laid-back figures. 


With a new single, Get Back, that path continues to be forged. The track is three-and-a-half-minutes of groovy guitar, vocal, and key quips laying the foundation for McClenney to exhibit his vocal range as a stunning tool to convey relatability towards the struggles of a love life and social anxiety. Above its thematic delineation, Get Back is a groovy, angsty track reminiscent of light funk and mainstream 80’s pop, and only the latest that continues to make McClenney one of the most exciting young names in neo-soul.