Atlanta’s Metro Marrs Debuts with Emotive Melodic Ballad, Bye Felicia 

 Evan Dale // Feb 23, 2020 

Melody driven and emotionally relatable, Atlanta’s Metro Marrs is a prime example of the city’s continuing tradition for experimental youth to throw out preconceptions of out-of-touch genrefication. His newest track, Bye Felicia is going down as his label debut, and is an in-touch exploration of R&B and hip-hop adjacency that walks the line musically but jumps straight to the thematic point. Bye Felicia says it all. Metro Marrs is done with his ex and dealing with the emotional wake of it by putting together a piano-led hip-hop ballad for anyone who has ever felt the same. And it works.


Exploring sensitivities without sacrificing musical chops is what the generation of SoundCloud youth is all about, and if Bye Felicia is any indication of what’s to come, Metro Marrs has a future as both a creative and spiritual leader. 


Get on board now.