MFnMelo Drops Insatiable, Motivational Single, 'Big Bet' 

 Evan Dale // April 1, 2020 

Chicago’s MFnMelo has made serious waves in the wake of one of 2019’s most underrated hip-hop album’s, Everybody Eats. Blessed with an effortless, lyrically endowed delivery that leaves him a key piece to the larger Pivot Gang puzzle, he attacks each of his verses with ferocity and intensity usually buried beneath the mire of a seemingly laid-back soul. But his first single release since Everybody Eats is a step in a more noticeably severe direction.


Big Bet still rides a mellow beat the likes of which we’ve come to presume with MFnMelo, but his approach with the song feels as if it’s there to make a statement. And that statement is one of self-confidence and continuance that he’s been hustling raps for far longer than people have been listening, and that long ago, he took a Big Bet on himself getting to where he is today with music. 


Big Bet is the hard-hitting, motivational hip-hop anthem we need right now, and by the hands of MFnMelo, continues to paint him as one of the brightest, most exciting up-and-comers in rap.