Pivot Gang's MFnMelo Drops Antic-Fueled Visuals for 2019 Banger, 'MF DOOM' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 15, 2020 

From the raw hip-hop masterpiece that was MFnMelo’s 2019 Everybody Eats, its most high-energy inclusion, MF DOOM, has since been begging for a music video. Somewhere between the track’s quick cadenced raps, its hard-hitting bass, and its chime and keystroke melody, an addicting hook took shape and rings anthemic to this day. And now, Melo shows off another skillset with his presence in front of the camera.


Some artists are just meant for it. Charismatic, bubbly, and brimming with energy and individuality, MFnMelo – like a swatch of artists from his native Pivot Gang – seems naturally to be one of those performers. Curatedly painting himself as a jack of all traits throughout its run-time, MF DOOM emerges as a witty exhibition of Melo’s personality while still holding true to the track’s ceaseless identity as a hip-hop banger.


MFnMelo has been holding it down for Pivot Gang, who have been largely quiet since the release of their joint 2019 album, You Can’t Sit With Us. Nonetheless, any release from any of the collaborative mosaic is something to celebrate. So, turn on MF DOOM, and turn it up.