What is it that we’re collectively expecting from MGMT’s forthcoming 2018 album? All three of their past projects have certainly proven influential and innovative, but with each consecutive album, it has been as if a new band replaced the MGMT that we had grown to love in the interim. They are an extremely honest and truthful group that displays their growth and change with each new release, they are willing to take creative risks to push the bounds of their music, and they are unwilling to bow to the desires and expectations of critics and fans unable to accept their creative decision-making. So I think it’s only fair that the only thing we can expect is great, innovative music in one form or another.


Their most recent release, Hand it Over, comes as the third single leading up to their as-of-now, relatively unknown, mysterious album in the works. Definitely reminiscent of the general melodic, dream world, psychedelic vibe that we’ve grown accustomed to with MGMT, it is pumped full of ghostly vocals, funky guitar, and poppy electronic production. It’s a perfect song for taking-it-easy, taking a drive, or taking a whole lot of hallucinogens, and bodes of good things to come from a band that has always delivers in their own, special way.

Listen to Hand it Over here, and be on the lookout for more from their upcoming album