It is the experimentalists of the music world who are to thank for the ever-expanding landscape of sonic vibrancy and auditory color. Their bold fondness for stretching the boundaries of human creativity birth a never-ending ring of styles and approaches, and the same fondness draws to them a group of fellow courageous collaborators whose creative mindsets and unique abilities help to expand further the ideas of the central artist. 


By this due process, Amsterdam multidimensional musician Michael Miller, and, we'll just say friends, have come to release their joint project, As Long As You Remember Me (ALAYRM). From its many platforms, the project walks twice as many intertwining tightropes which meander dangerously through the grey areas separating defined traditional stylings. 


It is equal parts future R&B, throwback electronica, dream pop, and hip-hop. Though the four-track EP never truly finds a stable middle ground, it doesn't seem to need to. It is certainly daring and far off-center, but in its inner strangeness and lack of comfortability lies its true identity as a potentially innovative work.


So, for those interested in how the futures of their favorite genres may sound, how the continued melting, bending, and blending of traditional stylistic pillars will keep redefining music, or simply those in search of a new emotionally-stirring and grimy project to add to their libraries, ALAYRM is certainly worth your time.