Mick Jenkins and Kojey Radical Collaborate for Venomous Single, Snakes 

 Evan Dale // Mar 25, 2020 

If there is an across-the-Atlantic mirror image to Mick Jenkins’ effortlessly cut-throat, lyrically unparalleled approach to rap, it’s Kojey Radical. Though both much more than rappers – capable of poetic feats, vocally driven deliveries, and the reinvention of music and its surrounding creative spheres at large – when either choose to partake in raw hip-hop undertakings, they’re more dangerous than just about anyone else. 


That’s what makes Snakes such a volatile collaboration.


Hooked by a mellow, melodic Mick Jenkins take, and bookended by a simple sampling of each artist’s raw rap ability, Snakes is a statement on the venomous state of two of music’s most underrated lyrical lethal weapons. So be on the lookout for more from each, and potentially more from both in collaboration yet again, and get caught up to speed on everything both Mick Jenkins and Kojey Radical are doing to change our modern soundscape.