Moise Drops Second Single & Video, 'Cascade' En Route to Debut Album 

 Evan Dale // May 15, 2020 

Self-shot on a classic camcorder during a 2019 trip to Uganda, Minneapolis soul child, Moise shines with the visuals for new single, Cascade. The second release en route to that of his debut album, Postcards I Forgot to Send, expected at the end of this month, the track is a bold, but embraceable change of pace. Where leading single, Try Try was an anthemic ballad, exploring a corner of his musicality more rounded out by the nuances of Neo-Soul in its modern breath, Cascade sees Moise underneath a different light – one strewn with delicate, floaty synths and retro tones sourced from his idol, Michael Jackson.


The outcome is a single that succeeds effortlessly in exhibiting the poppy influence that Michael has had on Moise’s softer deliveries. Falsetto breakdowns and higher range throughout allow the entirety of the track to merge into a laid-back jam. Reminiscent to several of his most mellow inclusions from 2019 debut project, Amongst the Leaves – most notably A Thousand Miles & Full CircleCascade points to the idea that Moise aims to remain a wide-ranging, indefinable force upon the album’s release.


And with such delicate honesty and open vulnerability leading to videos like Cascade, his ode to simplicity and the everyday continues to make him a relatable star on the rise, with an unrelatable ability to put together gorgeous, individualistic music.