MTMBO's Grip Three-Track EP Provides a Glimpse into his Wide Range 

 Evan Dale // Dec 24, 2019 

MTMBO - Grip.jpg

Crystalline crooner of the emotive and indefinable, MTMBO is a unique and necessary addition to anyone looking for a touch of tear-jerking softness to their playlists. Hand-in-hand with his indefinability exists his mystery and illusiveness. His releases are few and far between, and even when he does bless the world with his music, it tends to come in minimal track form. As we close out the 2010’s, the experimental vocalist is back with a three-track EP, Grip. In many ways comparable to the A-Side / B-Side trend sweeping music over the past couple years, MTMBO’s particular three-pack triangulates his unique sound with three very differentiated, yet very complimentary additions to his canon. 


Days End feels the most reminiscent to the minimalist vocal-and-key formula that has made up most of his canon to this point. unforgivingly poignant at the hands of his vocal delivery and gentle keystrokes, it’s emotive and calming to a point rarely achieved by anyone outside of an open mic night. Headlights allows MTMBO’s vocalism more room to play overtop a beat built on watery synth strokes. And Wasn’t Really Thinking of You allows MTMBO complete removal from his signature delivery, instead filling the space with a whispery aesthetic that highlights his poetic lyricism.