R&B Duo Mulherin Strike Modern R&B Gold Again with Friends 

 Evan Dale // Jul 30, 2018 

The last we heard from neo-soul collaborative, Mulherin was a few months back with Never Know, a funk-driven beat extending from it angelic, golden-era R&B vocals divulging the insecurities of young relationships in the modern day. True to form, their latest, Friends, is another multi-tiered undertaking wrapped in an emerging signature – subtlety, suave, and groove. Though doubtless in their approach and the finished product of their smooth and sultry eccentricity, doubt itself seems to be a theme in their penmanship. 


Dissecting the careful romantic balance between friends, lovers, or simply Airbnb bang-mates, the lyrical depth of Friends’ storytelling is too specific to not have been built on some sort of existing truth. But if any grounds for a phenomenal R&B project were to exist, romance, sex, experience, specificity, and sonic experimentation would be the formula of choice.


So, our apologies to Mulherin, but we hope you keep spending your time with whatever wishy-washy doubt-inspiring partners are influencing this run of top-notch soul songwriting, because if so, a forthcoming project could come to redefine a genre or two and help all of us through tough times of our own.