Myquale's 2099 is a Composition Worthy of his Experimental Range

 Evan Dale // April 1, 2019 

Myquale - 2099.png

When we first heard Myquale (Jhon), it was at the hands of his 2018 EP, Flight Theory: a project defined by a fervent understanding of Myquale’s ability to weave vivid stories, and a liquid take on his myriad of vocal deliveries – some forwardly digestible for fans of rap, some edging more closely to R&B, and others still challenging, one-of-a-kind, but drawing for all. We, as new fans, instantly came to a few realizations: that his experimental take on hip-hop was arguably the most unique and interesting of any in music and that we desperately needed more. And he delivered. 


In 2019, Myquale has released three singles, the most recent of which, 2099 is arguably his cleanest and most adhering to what is beginning to be his signature sound. Though boldly experimental always, his lane is beginning to take shape and it comes in the form of vivid compositions like 2099 where our protagonist seamlessly pieces together effortless yet intense hip-hop verses, choruses built on subdued vocal cuts, and tide-strewn, wavy production to tie it all together. Hopefully his next project is on the way soon, because it’s artists like Myquale that drive a bold, never-before-heard direction of music.