Myquale Recruits Aaliyah Allah & Maceo for Roller Rink anthem, 'Butler' 

 Evan Dale // July 11, 2020 

Since we first heard his Flight Theory EP in 2018 (Jhon) Myquale has been an image of transcendent underground cool whose sound stretches from fast-paced raps to a knack for melodic inclusions without ever losing sight of his signature low register. And with newest single, Butler, which also folds in the sonic silk of Chicago soulstress, Aaliyah Allah & friend and Florida rapper, Maceo, Myquale indulges in a funk-strewn, stylistically indefinable jam fit for the roller rink.


All three artists effortlessly skate overtop a smooth, disco synth riff, merging hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul into a space less delineated by stylistic labels, and more by the reach of the rink itself and what that space has long meant for good times had by so many. So, lace up, get loose, and put on Butler whenever that itch to groove arises.