Chicago Rapper Myquale Drops a Brace of Lyrical Singles 

 Evan Dale // Dec 19, 2019 

Myquale - Midnight Dream.jpg

Chicago’s low-register poet, (Jhon) Myquale is a figment of up-and-coming hip-hop uniqueness the likes of which are changing the scene in droves; the likes of which can’t be compared beyond that. 2016’s Flight Theory was one of the more experimentally successful projects of its year, even if it was underappreciated by the streaming community at large. And since its release, Myquale has only continued to scarcely release boldly one-of-a-kind singles.


In the last week, two have come to grant a wide-ranging glimpse into his greater artistry. Midnight Dream is a melodic pursuit anchored by meditative cadence and a hypnotic hook. Bon Vivant is a bass-driven freestyle that offers a look into his at this point well-established poetic prowess. Together, the track two-pack offer a lot not just for Myquale, Chicago, and what he’s doing different in the scene. The A-side / B-side sort of release offers hip-hop a blueprint for how to standout across the range of styles a rapper explores.