Naji Flexes Freestyle Ability and Differing Vocals with Internet Kid

 Evan Dale // April 24, 2019 

Naji - Internet Kid.png

There aren’t many artists within the grey area expanse of hip-hip, R&B, and neo-soul who boast a more one-of-a-kind auditory aesthetic than Naji. On the heels of last Winter’s Misfit – a wide-ranging exploration of his immense musical expanse – he’s folded into the mix a new freestyle to prove that his chops within the rap spectrum are as sure and steady as the rest of his creativity. Internet Kid Freestyle, a short and surefire SoundCloud delivery, is a quick-cadenced and explosive display that even when embarking down a rap lane, Naji being a product of post-genre modernism, is incapable of putting the wide range of his musical talent to the side. The result is a freestyle that feels more like a multi-part composition where his differing vocal deliveries and cadences come together as a one-man collaborative effort. 


Though this is the first we’ve gotten from Naji in a while, it’s a sign that he’s still making music to keep us permanently on our toes.