Ontario's Cult Hero, Night Lovell Drops Another Dak, Angst-Ridden Single 

 Evan Dale // Feb 8, 2020 

Ontario hip-hop artist of all things dark and moody, Night Lovell is one of the great cult rappers of our time. Somewhere between the bass-ridden rhythm-slashing hypnosis in his production and the deep registered, pain-driven lyricism in his raps, his music is a vibe in and of itself. Fit for snowy nighttime drives, drunken moments of introspection, and anything else yielding comfort in an uncertain outcome, Lovell is a necessary bridge between the thematics that drove the early 2000’s metal scene and the braggadocio that pushes forward modern hip-hop.


His latest single, I Heard You Were Looking For Me is a telling example of exactly what it is we’re trying to describe.


I think I’m losing all my friends and I’m attracting these hoes.


If that line doesn’t say it all, nothing really does. Check it out and search through the rest of his canon to see how it is that a certain corner of hip-hop has become so fond of the morose and melancholy.