LA-Based Noah Takes it in a Pop Direction with Dr. Stacks

 Evan Dale // July 23, 2019 

Noah - Dr. Stacks.png

In the most poppy of R&B spectrums à la Justin Timberlake, you’ll find LA-based vocalist Noah’s latest single, Dr. Stacks. Fit with a hypnotic choral breakdown, the track is likewise laced with high-energy and a fun-loving cadence. It’s also a fairly dramatic move away from the deeper, more electronically-nuanced R&B signature to his 2018 collection that included a handful of single releases and a collaborative album with Shagabond, Everything, All at Once


The experimentation is bold, but it definitely works. His clear-cut and smooth vocal delivery is all over Dr. Stacks, still inviting to his R&B-preferred listeners. But, in a different lane – one brimming with pop and radio hits – Dr. Stacks also thrives.