Noah See Continues to Turn Heads with Do That

 Evan Dale // Sep 27, 2019 

Noah Slee - Do That.jpg

Kiwi-soul star on the rise, Noah Slee has been everywhere lately. And in the spirit of taking advantage of that growth, a barrage of recent singles is keeping him ever-present and even more experimentally explorative. On the heels of earlier summer single, Soulflower, Still and now Do That have all given a wider glimpse into his emerging signature.


Per Do That, which folds into its aesthetic the silky styling of new-age duo, FHAT, Slee’s signature is one of energetic, anthemic soul jams where the tenants of soul’s powerful past merge with dance-oriented modernist production to deliver Noah Slee and all his work to an era of contemporary club soul composition. 


Keep an ear out for more from Slee whose rangy and unapologetic lane is bringing him to an audience far and wide.