Noah Slee is 'Here For It All' with Uplifitng New Single 

 Evan Dale // June 16, 2020 

From New Zealand, Germany, and a completely indefinable and unpredictable musical direction comes Noah Slee. And Noah Slee is Here For It All. Musically, he straddles more than most – neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop are the first influences that come to mind. Socially, he puts the same emphasis into his work. And his newest single is an exhibition of all of that coming together.


Here For It All is a fluid, mellow bit of soul & hip-hop coalescence, highlighting exactly the musical intersections that continue to make him one of the most exciting young names in music. And speaking on the song’s inspiration, Slee said, "This song is about support, it’s about community. The hook came to mind after I had been consoling a good friend when they had lost someone close. Death is a part of life and it’s important to let your people know you’re here for them. I wrote this song from gratitude for the people that have my back. I know what it’s like to be an outcast and sidelined so relationships are my most valuable currency. This one is for my people and it’s a reminder every time I hear it back or play it live so many faces come to mind. Friends, family, community it’s all LOVE. I had planned to release this song before the pandemic was even a thing and I feel it is even more timely and I hope it brings people comfort and lil needed bounce."


It certainly speaks to the place Slee suggests and is another brash success onward for an artist who hasn’t released a single since last year’s TWICE.