The Creative & Charismatic nobigdyl. Drops New Single & Visuals, 'PARABOLIC' 

 Evan Dale // July 5, 2020 

It’s starting to become a big deal if you don’t know nobigdyl. The Tennessee hip-hop star on the rise is shrouded in charisma and effervescent energy that shines through each track and video he puts out. And somewhere between that persona and the fact that – more importantly – he carries a particularly unique, effortless flow to his rap, leaves him primed for one of modern rap’s biggest come ups.


If you don’t know nobigdyl, now’s the time. His new single, PARABOLIC – which comes hand-in-hand with an at this point expectedly professional set of visuals – is a showcase of myriad skillsets he brings into play. His verses – hard-hitting and quick-cadenced – shine him in a light as a rapper that speaks unapologetic truths with detailed vibrancy. His chorus – addicting and bouncy – exhibit a continued knack for making every track he puts out an up-tempo anthem. And his video – professionally cut from his creative collective, Indie Tribe – is an image of unstoppable confidence and artistic fervor like no one has quite done it before.