Grime shows no signs of slowing down with the New Year. Not that we expected the movement to do anything but continue its breakneck pace after 2017 saw albums from Stromzy, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Nines, and a slew of newcomers. The most popular jam of the year so far, titled Party Here and released in December but gaining momentum now, comes by way of relatively unknown South London grime artist, Octavian and it is the breath of fresh air we didn’t know we needed in a genre graced by constant innovation and swift change.


Octavian delivers Party Here in such a unique way only fitting of grime and only fitting of London. It is certainly born of the popular styling, but displays the artist’s off-kilter approach to his craft – an approach defined most by his unpredictable timing, emotionally relatable vocals, and a simplistically fitting production. It has a sound that borrows certain elements from elsewhere – lyrical delivery somewhere between grime and the slower pace of hip-hop and melodic production reminiscent of Canada’s traphall wave over classic British drum patterns.


It culminates in something poetic with an empathetic feel that makes us excited for more from the young London artist, and excited to see what’s next for grime. 

Check out the video for Party Here below