Michael Da Vinci, OGTHAGAWD & JosephFiend Link Up for Tennessee Connection, 'Roid Rage' 

 Evan Dale // June 27, 2020 

There’s nothing like the Tennessee connection. This time around, it comes in the form of a thesis statement that two of the Volunteer State’s most represented, upcoming hip-hop hotbeds – Chattanooga & Nashville – are anything but to be overlooked. Roid Rage comes as a high-energy anthem, produced by Nashville's Josephfiend, and fronted by Michael Da Vinci & OGTHAGAWD who trade juxtaposing, complimentary verses for a two-minute bout. Da Vinci starts it off with a signature delivery that bleeds of braggadocio and hypnotic cadence. Overtop a simplistically hard-hitting key riff and bass beat, his verse opens the door for OGTHAGAWD to show up with an expressly unique verse of his own. And he delivers.


OGTHAGAWD was blessed with one of those timelessly laid-back deliveries that, in a track that explodes as an upturnt anthem, somehow brings more energy to its aesthetic by seemingly sounding more mellow. It’s the juxtaposition between OGTHEGAWD & Michael Da Vinci; between OGTHAGAWD & the beat that makes Roid Rage come full circle as a well-rounded, hard-hitting party anthem, without sacrificing the brash poeticism that Tennessee is known for.

Hopefully more is soon to come from two of hip-hop's most emerging bright spots.